Ask your local council to join My Vote My Voice and help make voting more accessible

My Vote My Voice is a campaign developed by United Response, Dimensions, Mencap, Ambitious About Autism and the people who draw on our care and support. Together we’re campaigning to remove voting barriers and raise awareness about people with learning disabilities and autistic people’s right to vote.

With a general election coming up in 2024, our goal is simple. We want to empower more people with learning disabilities and autistic people to register to vote and exercise their democratic rights.

Real change is achieved together; so we want as many local councils as possible to join our campaign and promote accessible voting.

Use our quick and easy form to add your name to our open letter, and we'll send it to your local council, asking them to join the campaign on your behalf.

With your support, we can make elections more accessible for people like Barbara, who cast her vote for the first time in 2015, aged 83:

When we first started supporting Barbara, she’d never voted before and was very disengaged when it came to politics. She hasn’t stopped since [voting in 2015] . . . you’ll regularly find her talking about politics with her support team. She’s very clear on what she wants from the political parties. Her vote will go to whoever can maintain her pension and offer the best future for people with disabilities.

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